Thursday, March 3, 2011

Auntie Lynney is at it again.....Thank you.

OK - Welcome to the kickoff !! Tour De cure 150 (or 500!) miler registration is on! Low fundraising minimum..($600)

We currently have 4 members of TEAM TALLY! Mike, Colleen, Jackie and Myself... We are looking to get at least 10 team members this year.. Click the link below to sign up. The deal: 150 miles of your bike riding pleasure over 2 days. As well the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping an AWESOME cause!!! Please forward this to anyone else who would be interested...

Go to the link below tot sign up...Make sure you sign up under TEAM TALLY:


The cause: My adorable, lovable 12 year old neice Tallia was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 7. She is now on an insulin pump which replaces the function of her pancreas. She will be on this forever unless a cure is found. This is a cause near and dear to my heart... Lets help to fund a cure for this terrible disease. It affects so many families and has devastating consequences.

Lets fund a cure!!!!!

                                                      Auntie Lynney

Thanks for your support ...Peace. Lynne