Friday, November 11, 2011

A great post on the tummietote belt from Alexis Pollack at i run on insulin blog.

Thank you Alexis.
Posted by Alexis Pollak November 11, 2011
at i run on insulin blog.

Want to know what AWESOME looks like? Just check out the pic to the left of yours truly. These days, going for a run looks a whole lot different than it did a few months ago as I delve in to my half marathon training. I’ve got on my Vibram Five Finger toe shoes, and my TallyGear belt stuffed with my CGM, PDM, and extra Gu packs. If that’s not a diabetic superathlete I don’t know what is! What’s that you say? Only running four miles doesn’t qualify as a “superathlete?” Oh. Well, at least I’m dressed the part. All joking aside, half marathon training is going pretty well thanks to being able to conveniently carry all my D-gear in my nifty belt. I love being able to check in on my CGM and then adjust my insulin on the spot. And to be honest, I don’t look that out of place with all the other runners out there – many people running along the coast have a water-bottle-and-fuel belts attached to them. My belt just happens to have a whole bunch of cyborg accessories instead of Gatorade.

                                                        Have a great weekend folks!