Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mommy's A Runner: TallyGear Raffle

Mommy's A Runner: TallyGear Raffle

Thank you Tara for the great write up on tallygear...we appreciate all your support with tallygear and the virtual 5K for JDRF. The Tosta Girls are Number 1 in my book.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tally in the shop.

     Tally loves to be in the tallygear shop with her mother.
     She is always, always, always working on a project & her mother is forever cleaning up after her.
tonights project was in her own words
"Bill the glitter pooping unicorn".
as seen below.

I think she actually used staples to hold his head to his neck......ewwww.
& glitter glue for the poop.
She loves anything squishy.......

he will hang around for the rest of summer then I will put 'Bill' out to pasture.
Tally, I & her father decided Tally will go to the Clara Barton Diabetes Camp in North Oxford, Massachusetts for a one week day program in July 2011...she has asked me for several years but, now I think I am ready to let her go.... its tough though.
I love her so so much and want her to be safe...what better place.

Tally was being a little silly...and wanted me to add above pic.
in her own words...
"did you ever wonder how a rainbow happens? Unicorns sleep on clouds and after rain sometimes they don't feel good and throw up rainbows."

Thursday, June 9, 2011

small personal item belt

small personal item belt

...please support the virtual 5K...
and click the link on home page to register or donate.
Thank you.