Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sunday, February 19, 2012

like every other morning...

Tallia Emily....my sweet sweet child. I don't think we realize as mothers how hard we work to maintain our and our families lives. BUT,  we would have it no other way. We go through some days with so much energy and then there are other days (most) that we are so drained...but, when your child says mama  "I feel low" you jump to attention...no fail...nothing else matters at that point....caring for them is all worth it....because we love them so so deeply.

This is Tally at 5am this morning...I said honey lets go pee and test and she always gives me this sour look and says no...no...no then she finally gives in goes pee then tests....adjusts with insulin or juice and then she falls back into a deep sleep and knows that her mama is watching over her to make sure she will always be safe.

 I love you tally bug. mama.