Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tally in the shop.

     Tally loves to be in the tallygear shop with her mother.
     She is always, always, always working on a project & her mother is forever cleaning up after her.
tonights project was in her own words
"Bill the glitter pooping unicorn".
as seen below.

I think she actually used staples to hold his head to his neck......ewwww.
& glitter glue for the poop.
She loves anything squishy.......

he will hang around for the rest of summer then I will put 'Bill' out to pasture.
Tally, I & her father decided Tally will go to the Clara Barton Diabetes Camp in North Oxford, Massachusetts for a one week day program in July 2011...she has asked me for several years but, now I think I am ready to let her go.... its tough though.
I love her so so much and want her to be safe...what better place.

Tally was being a little silly...and wanted me to add above pic.
in her own words...
"did you ever wonder how a rainbow happens? Unicorns sleep on clouds and after rain sometimes they don't feel good and throw up rainbows."

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  1. So fun to see a little insight into your workshop -- and to think -- you passed on that creativity to your daughter! Roselady