Saturday, September 3, 2011

still no power from Hurricane Irene.....

Cape Pogue Lighthouse on Chappaquiddick Island....
this is my favorite place.
I was married just down the beach from here 15 years ago.
I'd love to be sitting there now.
What a peaceful place.

After the storm that blew thru on Sunday August 28, 2011........ I sit here one week later still with no power. This week has been a challenge even for us. With a landscape business that has been busy with cleanup, tallygear which has been running on generator power on and off....school starting this past Tuesday with limited washing machine and shower capabilities...and a newly strung up clothes line in the backyard....not to mention heating up soup with a blow torch out back....we were even unable to travel our road for 3 days as the trees were slowing things down....luckily my husband and several others got their saws out to somewhat clear but, there were so many power lines down...it was treacherous.....generators running for a week straight I can't get the sound out of my head. Trekking around the house at 1-2-3 am checking blood sugar by flashlight...need I say more. Its been a hell of a week.......I need some rest.....ugh.

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  1. OMG...Donna, I am so sorry. My sister too...she had been without power for 1 full week. They just got it up and she is headed home from staying with us in VT. Love you. Do you need anything? xo