Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tallygear Tummietote Review. Thank you.

Thank you to Kirsty & her daughter for this wonderful
review of the tummietote belt. I love this picture.
This is exactly why I created the belt....its nice to see.
...life is fun.
"I bought this belt for my 4 year daughter who uses an insulin pump. We now have two tummietote belts as they are so fab. On for wear and one for wash. My daughter loves how comfortable they are. She wears hers 24/7, the only time she takes it off is for a bath or swimming. I love the simplicity of it and the way it fits her so well. It means her pump can be kept out of sight (stops the stares and questions) and out of mind (stops her worrying about her pump). The belts mean my daughter can behave like any other four year old. Thank you Tallygear."

Kirsty Swift

United Kingdom

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  1. I smile every time I read about someone finding out about your products Donna. Truly, you make pumping more "functional" for so many. Love to you and the fam.