Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tally has decided to do the JDRF Walk in Boston....

October 2, 2010. She wants to form team tally. She was so excited this morning her father, Matthew (who is a landscape contractor) had to look at a job with Dickie who owns a large construction company in our area....she had me print the sponsor form ...she found herself a clipboard and her trusty pink princess pen. They were on there way at 7am, she was ready....she was gonna get this one. The rest of the story told in the words of my husband...he had to break the ice but as soon as Tal was comfortable she rolled with it and had Dickie as her first sponsor and he generously donated $100.00 to JDRF for team tally (tallygear.com)..way to go Tally.....now the planning begins...she now wants to approach her principal Mrs. Kelly (tal goes to a school which requires uniforms) she wants to ask principal if kids can do a dress down day if they pay a dollar donation toward her JDRF walk. I can't imagine where this will take us but, I am sure it will be down a good road....more to come.


  1. I LOVE the dress-down day idea. GO FOR IT TALLY!

  2. Reyna, Thanx for the post. She was on a roll today, she was able to secure another 6 sponsors for JDRF by 11 am...I'm sure she has at least that many more since I saw her. She spent the day at her aunts. I am enjoying your blog, you have a great way with words. Tally says hello.