Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tally and I visit the new ALDI "green market"

at which point we meet a fellow diabetic (type 2) in the frozen food section. Tally asked me if she could get some frozen pops...and then proceeded go through "our routine" of checking the serving size the carb numbers (or as we call them the CRABS) and other. Then we decide if its a good choice.
As we are discussing her choice..... a 'fellow' diabetic figures out we are doing and wants to give input on carbs vs. insulin dosage...the gentlemen was in his 30's and insulin dependent and probably 150 pounds overweight, we discussed tal's pump and what we do to care for her diabetes and he was amazed with her insulin pump (he obviously uses needlles). I wanted to tell him that he and my daughter had little in common and that the two diagnosis had nothing to do with one another, but I just couldn't, which is not normally like me as my husband would say. Diabetes at times (most times) is extremely tiring.

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