Saturday, August 28, 2010

Starting to enjoy the simple pleasures......

My husband, Matthew on Chappaquidick Island, Martha's Vineyard...I was married in this exact spot on the beach 14 years ago.

Since our diagnosis with juvenile diabetes on September 4, 2007..I can say that..."Life now holds more meaning". Day to day living in the past has been all about getting it done to get to the next project. When Tally was diagnosed I was running three businesses a landscape company, a plant nursery and a well established hot dog stand called Matty's dog shack. It really was three full-time jobs and then I got a fourth...taking care of Tally's type 1....I tried to hold it together until November 2009....that was it...I couldn't do it anymore....the plant nursery closed that fall for good...and our plan was to run the hot dog shack until spring and then sell...all went according to plan...we sold it March 1 of this year.

I felt my shoulders immediately lift....Tally has been with us everyday on every landscape job this summer...we bring her bike, scooter and a bathing suit and towel......its been a good summer....I never had such quality time with my husband and daughter....I count myself lucky that my......... "life now holds more meaning".


  1. It is very interesting how priorities realign and time becomes a more treasured gift....I feel blessed to have found other moms like you to walk this road with.

  2. It sounds like it has been a fantastic summer for a terrific Family!!!

  3. it has been an extremlely busy summer...but we have been able to focus more. Thank you Reyna for all.