Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tallygear at the ADA Expo In Hartford, Ct.

Early spring and tallygear did a American Diabetes Association Expo in Hartford Ct. We were very excited nervous and not just because it was our first venue but also we were to meet Bill Woods from the blog 1 happy diabetic. We had been in contact for almost a year via email but, never actually met....it was so cool....we all talked after the show and promised to stay in touch. It is now several months later and all is well....busy, busy gonna email Bill to say Hi. His blog address is www.1happydiabetic.com take a look, he has been diabetic for a long time and he not only puts a positive spin on diabetes but, also has lots of knowledge. Tally Annese, Bill Woods, Matthew Annese and Donna Annese from left to right.


  1. Well....now doesn't THAT look cool :) I could totally use it and I'm not the one with diabetes!

  2. YAY for Tallygear!!! So cool. One of my VT pals ordered one of the tummietotes for her little guy and they love it too (the flame pattern).

  3. Reyna, Thanx for all....You are quite a amazing woman. I am truly enjoying your blog.

    Wendy, Thanx for the post, The belt is not only for the insulin pump...my sis wears it for long distance runs to carry her cellphone/keys...she is the model on my blog.