Friday, April 22, 2011

Carbs Galore....

Tally enjoying her favorite raspberry square at Mocha Motts.
Can you guess the carbs?

& a 16 oz. hot chocolate.....whew.

she is not letting that hot chocolate go....
Mocha Motts is on Main Street in Vineyard Haven
on the beautiful island of Marthas Vineyard.

Do you think she enjoyed it?
All signs (the crumbs on her lips) point to yes.
This is one of Tals' favorite spots, my sisters have a place up the road
and when we get out here we make the walk to town every morning.
It is a peaceful place to be...almost like you can breath again.
Enjoy the day.


  1. Omg what a cutie pie!!

    Tally:Love the nails!! ;)

  2. OMG TAllia!
    You look sooooo cute!! Rockin' the crumbs! :)