Sunday, April 10, 2011

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tallygear - Sugar Bolus - LFAC

It probably seems by the title of this blog that I am going to be covering a lot of ground but in actuality it all ties together quite nicely.

So, this week Heather from Sweet to the Soul is hosting a kick ass Sugar Bolus and giving away a Tummietote by Tallygear. GO. CHECK. IT. OUT. NOW.

Tallygear happens to be one of my very favorite diabetes items. Nate has 2 tummietote belts (skulls and geckos cause he's a bad a$$) and last week we ordered and received his new most favorite belt ever . . . a BATMAN zipper waste pack. Holy smokes Batman -- Nate totally adores his new belt. Donna also made Nate a zipper arm pack with the left over Batman material. LOVE. IT.

I tried to get a picture of him wearing it but it is almost impossible to get him to stand still and pose. I got a video of him wearing it but I'm posting that later when I post my 1st VLOG. :)

Cute - right?

I also ordered a few things for me! I've really been wanting a tummietote to wear when I run or just when I am chasing kids. I LOVE IT. I decided to order the Tallygear 'Blue Circle' Tummietote Belt for the Candy Hearts LIFE FOR A CHILD Collection.

Please check out the entire collection of LFAC products here!

So, here I am wearing my awesome Tummietote . . . and I am no REYNA so this is as close as you are ever going to get to seeing my abs. :)

There's also a shameless plug for my brother's gym in that photo too. :)

Wait - I'm almost done. Donna also sent me a matching headband and lots of goodies for the girls.

So, go sign up for Heather's Sugar Bolus, if you don't win head over to Donna's store and buy yourself a tummietote and then check out Wendy's other LFAC products because they are totally amazing and supporting a truly wonderful cause.

Whhhoooooaaaa . . . I almost forgot. I have to show you this super cute armband that Donna made for my iPod when I run.

Dang - I wish I had 1/2 her talent. She's amazing!! Thank you, Donna for your awesomeness!

That is all.

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