Friday, April 29, 2011

The Diabetes Mine 2011 Design Challenge

It was only by chance that we made it under the wire. I submitted the Tummietote Belt by Tallygear. It was either a written submission or a video. I chose the video...it was done quickly so please forgive the minor mistakes. I am very excited about even just submitting an entry. I have followed Diabetes Mine blog with Amy for several years, and have gotten alot of information that I use in the daily care of my daughterTallia.

here is the video...

Remember submissions need to be submitted by tonight at 11:59pm....I can't wait to see some of the great ideas.....I always say so many ideas but, so little time.

Have a great day.

Donna Annese


  1. The tummietote ROCKS Donna. Obviously. You have so many devoted followers and customers. Thank you for making like with "D" so much "easier" and more "normal". xoxo.

  2. awesome video!!! We all love Tally gear. Good luck!