Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Review of the Tallygear LegBand by Haley at NaturallySweeet Blog.

Monday, May 23, 2011Tally Gear: My Secret Weapon

A few weeks ago I was in a fashion show. I wore a beautiful long white dress and was very excited about everything. When I was getting dress I came across a dilemma. Where was I going to put my insulin pump during the fashion show?! My underwear was not supportive enough and the pump was dragging it down. I had my Tally Gear belt with me and I placed it under the dress around my waist. Unfortunately since the dress was white and my Tally Gear was neon pink, it was completely visible.

I ended up wearing the pink Tally Gear with three under skirts to mask the pink. It ended up working fine and it was a great night to say the least.

After the fashion show I had a few other events coming up which I knew this would be a similar problem, prom, JDRF promise ball, arts banquet performance, ect.

So I sent an email to the lovely Miss Donna Annese. I told her about how I wanted something discreet and still sturdy to hold my pump while wearing a dress. We came up for the plan of making a garter, and then Donna got busy!

This is the AMAZING product we came up with:

Since I have gotten it, I have worn it at about every possible time I could.

Try and find a sign of wearing an insulin pump in any of these pictures!

Donna, Thank you so much, thank you for being so kind, and thank you for spending all this time to help me.

Go check Donna out at http://www.tallygear.com/

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