Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tallygears' NEW Tummietote Leg Band

 I was asked to design a legband for the prom....after several designs we think we found what works. Tally tested for me and says it works well. It has 2 velcroed pockets on the front of the band to hold insulin pump, Dexcom or cellphone. There are also 2 additional slip in pockets on the back that could carry smaller items or if necessary could carry a small test kit.
Introducing the Tummietote Leg Band.

Keeping your devices hidden under dress or skirt or pants.

Adjustable length velcroed straps attached to grasping clips.

Grasping clips...to hold the Tummietote Leg Band securely.

Super soft fabric.

A good alternative to carrying devices while wearing a dress or skirt or pants.

Design is made to carry tech devices on the front of the leg.

2 velcroed pockets to hold your insulin pump, Dexcom, cellphone, Ipod. 2 additional non velcroed pockets, for essentials, cash, credit cards....candy (sugar) or you could even carry a small blood test kit in a pinch.

Made with the same design as the Tummietote belt.

adjustable length strap with one inch waist strap to secure the legband in place or clip to bottom of underwear.

Tummietote Leg Band- heavy duty 'grabbing' clips so no chance of slipping off the fabric. Will hold several devices. @ velcroed pockets and 2 slip in pockets.
I will be adding to the website soon. If you are interested before that please send me an email at tallygear@aol.com or visit our site at http://www.tallygear.com/

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